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I got this!, a campaign to prevent underage alcohol use in Chicago teens, is a collaboration between the The Youth Substance Use Prevention Coalition [SUPC] coalition and Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

The campaign is grounded in significant research showing that most Chicago teens are NOT drinking, and most parents and guardians of Chicago teens ARE talking with their teens about alcohol use and setting down rules to prevent it. Unfortunately, the pressure to drink only increases as teens get older, and their parents tend to talk with them less often about drinking as they move through high school.

I got this! reaches Chicago youth and their parents and guardians to reinforce what they’re already doing to prevent underage drinking, and to build resilience in Chicago teens to avoid drinking until they’re old enough.

I got this! is part of a broader effort by Lurie Children’s Hospital and SUPC to address underage drinking. SUPC is advising Chicago Public Schools (CPS) about ways to improve policies around alcohol and substance use. The goal of SUPC’s school policy effort is to bring school substance use policies in alignment with recent reforms to reduce the use of punitive measures, such as suspension and expulsion, in favor of more holistic responses that keep students in school while addressing their social and emotional needs. SUPC’s school policy strategy also includes providing guidance and resources to CPS on how to connect youth to intervention, treatment or other support services.

I got this! is engaging 8th–10th graders across Chicago to:

  • Increase receptivity to engagement with their parents/guardians on the subject of alcohol use.
  • Strengthen resolve and resilience in their intention not to drink.
  • Champion and model non-drinking behaviors to their peers.

I got this! is also engaging parents and guardians of 8th–10th graders to:

  • Increase their comfort level and ability to effectively engage with their children on the subject of alcohol use.
  • Increase the demonstration of constructive behaviors of engagement, rule-setting, monitoring and modeling with their children.
  • Champion and model constructive behaviors to their peers.

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