As a parent or guardian, you play a huge role in your child’s choice about whether to drink alcohol or not.

Data from surveys of Chicago teens show that most of them are NOT drinking. And they say most of their parents are talking with them and setting down rules about not drinking.

That’s great! But, the pressure to drink only increases as teens get older. And the data shows that parents talk about drinking with their children less often as they get older.

By staying connected with your teen, by putting down rules and keeping the lines of communication open, and by modeling responsible drinking in your own life, you can help your child deal with the peer pressure to drink and make positive choices about their own behavior.

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to address this issue in your own home.

And remember: You don’t have to get all this right the first time out. You just have to keep trying. And keep telling yourself: I got this!

60 Of parents and guardians of Chicago 8th graders have talked with their child about not using alcohol.
85 Of Chicago 8th graders and 77 percent of Chicago 10th graders say their family has clear rules about alcohol and drug use.
89 Of parents of Chicago 8th–10th graders agree that they would find it helpful to talk with other parents about how to keep their kids from drinking until they are older.
66 Of 8th graders and 78 percent of 10th graders say they perceive “no risk” or “slight risk” if they "take one or two drinks of alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, liquor) nearly every day."
71 Of 8th graders and 79 percent of 10th graders say they perceive “no risk” or “slight risk” if they "have five or more drinks of an alcoholic beverage once or twice a week.”
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